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Book Review: Abstract Graffiti

By Sandy Amazeen Apr 14, 2011, 7:07 GMT

Book Review: Abstract Graffiti

Since the early days of the graffiti movement in late 1970s New York, street art has transformed cities around the world. Today it is a hugely popular, yet still highly controversial art form. In Abstract Graffiti, Cedar Lewisohn provides a vibrant account of the `outer limits\' of street art and graffiti that are being explored by artists in cities as diverse as London, Prague, Philadelphia and S„o Paulo. The work ...more

Graffiti, vandalism, tagging or street art, whatever you choose to call it, this is arguably the most controversial current art form going and its impact spans the globe. Through photos, artist interviews, interviews with a judge and several others, Lewisohn presents an excellent overview of the different aspects of street art. There is even a fascinating chapter devoted to the evolution and history of the street artistís best friend, the spray can. Particularly interesting are the more nontraditional aspects of street art including knitting, crochet, shrink-wrapping and live art. The many fine examples of hard-edged abstract art depicted in the Suprematists chapter would be at home in major art galleries but by being accessible on the street, can be widely enjoyed by all passersby.

This is a thoughtful presentation of an art form too frequently overlooked and will be of interest to art students and laypersons alike as they seek a better understanding of the roots and direction of these dynamic artists.


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