Book Review: The Alzheimer's Solution

With the Baby Boomer generation aging, the expected rise in Alzheimer cases will place a significant strain on both the medical system and families. Additionally, there is the cost of long-term care and treatment, both financially and in terms of strain on family and caregivers. This book sheds light on the challenges communities will likely face and offers some interesting suggestions about how to cope, including the use of all encompassing one-stop centers. Basing their models on the way Alzheimer cases are treated in Columbia where a genetic variant of the disease strikes family members in their forty’s, the authors advocate taking a broader, more personalized approach.

By contrasting the different approaches to Alzheimer’s treatment, the authors present a compelling argument for rethinking medical facilities and practices associated with this dread disease. Additionally, some disturbing observations regarding economics and medical practice as well as current testing procedures will give readers plenty to ponder.

This informative, thought provoking book presents sound science in an easy to understand format while putting a personal face on this frightening little understood disease. A must read to medical care professionals, caregivers and families facing watching a loved one being taken from them a little piece at a time.


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