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Book Review: Creating Crochet Fabric

By Sandy Amazeen Dec 17, 2009, 21:34 GMT

Book Review: Creating Crochet Fabric

This isn\'t just another crochet project book; it\'s an exploration of the craft\'s creative possibilities! Designer Dora Ohrenstein closely examines crochet\'s three basic variables-hook, yarn, and stitch-and how their infinite combinations create distinctive fabrics. Dozens of swatches show which techniques will result in a structured, hardwearing fabric or a lacy one that drapes; how a yarn can either hide or show off stitch patterns; and which crochet patterns can mimic ...more

For intermediate and experienced crochetors looking to expand their horizons and begin fabricating original designs, Ohrenstein provides the tools and expertise to get started. Divided into five chapters, the author first introduces the bewildering array of fibers available to choose from before inviting readers to begin exploring the differences in fiber and weight by trying the Ariadne Scarf. Based upon two simple motifs, the scarf demonstrates the effect of varying hook size and yarn weight while creating a functional exercise in swatching.

With careful attention given to the interaction of hook, yarn and stitch pattern, readers are walked through the basics of designing crochet fabric, the importance of swatching and putting all the elements of crochet design together to create a desired effect. Clear photography of the many different swatches demonstrates the differences color, yarn type and hook size can have on a given pattern. Readers are strongly encouraged to begin making their own swatch collections and there are some lovely patterns included for immediate gratification. Especially striking is the Elvira Jacket worked vertically in Tunisian Simple Stitch and the paneled Tosca’s Lace Tunic. This is not your standard, cookbook style collection of patterns but rather, an excellent starting point for making your own discoveries in crochet design.

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