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Book Review: Hands Off My Belly!

By Sandy Amazeen Dec 8, 2009, 6:48 GMT

Book Review: Hands Off My Belly!

Expectant mothers are virtual magnets for unsolicited advice. Mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, sisters-in-law, new mothers, friends, and even strangers offer what seems to be an endless supply of supposedly authoritative opinions on every aspect of pregnancy: A craving for spicy food denotes a boy. Carrying the baby low denotes a girl. Besides gender predictions, a pregnant woman is also apt to acquire an earful of advice about miscarriage, dietary habits ...more

This book could also be titled The Mythbusters Guide to Pregnancy as the authors, a husband and wife team of practicing MDs with four children between them, plumb the facts and fallacies of the multitude of myths surrounding mothers-to-be. After a brief examination of the origins of superstition and myth the authors take on the myriad of misconceptions surrounding infertility, conception, miscarriages, diets and that all consuming question of gender determination. Questions about the safety of sex during pregnancy, physical activities, a cesarean and multiple births are treated to the same careful attention to the latest scientific research while showing how most myths are groundless.

Interesting case histories warm this invaluable, educational and practical guide to surviving well-intended but ill-informed friends and relatives while allying any personal fears you may have. The information is sound, up to date and most importantly, fully comprehensible.

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