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Book Review: Encyclopedia of Contemporary Jewelry Making Techniques

By Sandy Amazeen Nov 23, 2009, 6:42 GMT

Book Review: Encyclopedia of Contemporary Jewelry Making Techniques

The ultimate guide for the experimental jeweler, this complete how-to offers detailed instructions and clear photographs for working with all kinds of materials. From rubber, resin, glass, leather, and paper to plastics, ceramics, textiles, and natural and found objects, these options, along with precious and nonprecious metals, can all be used individually or combined in a mixed-media piece. Preceded by a helpful introduction offering guidance on essential tools and inspirational advice for self-designed projects, the main ...more

After mastering beadwork, wrapped wire and crochet funky necklaces have you ever wondered, what’s next? How about making your own cast resin components, laminated and highly polished plastic bangles or inlaid wooden pendant for starters. Not meant to be an in-depth examination of any particular material but rather a place to start, the basics of metalworking, papermaking, screen printing, stitching and manipulating fabrics and more are presented in a clear, concise manner. Written instructions complimented by close-up color photography detailing the more important aspects of working with a material allow readers of all levels to explore new media with confidence.

A thorough introduction covering the inherent properties and techniques used are provided for each material. Most materials do not require too many specialized tools or equipment allowing readers to experiment without a large financial outlay. This is an excellent introduction to those seeking to expand their repertoire.

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