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Book Review: Weather's Greatest Mysteries Solved!

By Sandy Amazeen Aug 10, 2009, 1:00 GMT

Book Review: Weather's Greatest Mysteries Solved!

Why did T-Rex become extinct? Why did the Mayan civilization disappear: If the ancient Israelis did indeed cross the Red Sea, as reported in the Bible, what weather phenomena might have produced the parting of the waters? Why was nearly all human life swept away 73,000 years ago? And what factors created the Great American Dust bowl of the 1930s? The extraordinary people who are interested in asking - and ...more

Anyone with even a passing interest in meteorology will want get a copy of this absorbing work on the role weather has played and continues to play in earth’s rich history while learning how climate change works in general. Cerveny reveals the science behind the latest global warming models yet tempers those models with the knowledge of the complexity involved in plotting long-term climate change. Much of what controls climate systems remains unknown and the way parts can and do interact, are poorly understood. What is known is that weather changes.

By examining nineteen historical weather related events from the extinction of T. Rex to the fall of the Mayan empire to the Dust Bowl on to current day events, Cerveny creates an engaging, informative read that is difficult to put down while gently instructing readers on the importance of understanding climate change.

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