Book Review: Wild Boy

Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor paints an illuminating if frequently bland picture of the bandís inner workings that no surprise, includes plenty of drug abuse. Taylor focuses much of his attention on Nick Rhodes, showing him to be a frustratingly controlling individual to work with. The perils of instant fame, too much money, too little control with the inevitable cocaine and alcohol abuse, celebrity parties and relationship troubles are hardly original themes so it is Taylorís obvious animosity with Rhodes that carries this ďtell allĒ book.

Not just airing personal sour grapes, Taylor provides surprisingly warm views of his father. He also provides insightful observations regarding the interplay between Rhodes and wife, Julie Anne. As it so often happens, Rhodes found it difficult establishing a balance between maintaining the band and his marriage and the band suffered for it.

Fans of Duran Duran will likely find this insiders look at the band interesting enough but one canít help feeling this is the sanitized version of the many conflicts and artistic disagreements that went on backstage. 


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