Book Review: The Woman's Heart

For years, medical science ignored the physiological differences between men and women as can be seen in the majority of male based medical testing. One of the most important aspects of this gap is the persistent belief, even among the medical profession, that women don’t typically suffer heart disease. The fact is, heart disease is the number one killer of women and more important, men and women frequently manifest the symptoms differently.

Now women have a reader friendly “owners manual” to their heart that shows the affects of pregnancy, rheumatic fever, menopause and more. Learn the risks, symptoms and most common heart ailments facing women along with what tests to take, how to reduce the risk of heart disease from two well-respected cardiologists. Scientifically based recommendations are presented for women looking at starting a new diet regime that are as easy as looking at the colors on your plate. Learn the importance of your cholesterol numbers, the differences between HDL and LDL, their relationship to each other and what they mean to your risk of heart disease. Make informed health decisions by discovering how estrogen, oral contraceptives, osteoporosis drugs and hormone replacement therapy affects a woman’s heart.

The authors have done an admirable job of assembling a broad spectrum of invaluable information in one easy to understand, indispensable reference guide for women of all ages.

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