20 years since John Grishamís ĎA Time To Killí

Itís been 20 years since Grisham published his potboiler ďA Time To Kill,Ē back in 1989.

According to USA Today, a 20th anniversary edition will be released, courtesy of Dell Publishing.

The Library Journal has called this book: ďIn this lively novel, Grisham explores the uneasy relationship of blacks and whites in the rural South. His treatment is balanced and humane, if not particularly profound, slighting neither blacks nor whites.

Life becomes complicated in the backwoods town of Clanton, Mississippi, when a black worker is brought to trial for the murder of the two whites who raped and tortured his young daughter. Everyone gets involved, from Klan to NAACP.

Grisham's pleasure in relating the byzantine complexities of Clanton politics is contagious, and he tells a good story.

There are touches of humor in the dialogue; the characters are salty and down-to-earth. An enjoyable book, which displays a respect for Mississippi ways and for the contrary people who live there. Recommended.Ē

There is a lengthy article that can be found, courtesy of USA Today.



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