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A recent press release has just informed me of some new releases, courtesy of Penguin Press. Some of those titles and product descriptions include:

DAD RULES - How My Children Taught me to be a Good Parent By Andrew Clover 
Published in Penguin paperback on 28th May 2009, Priced 8.99

Sunday Times columnist Andrew Clover would like to share with you everything he's learned - the hard way - about childcare. Starting at the beginning, by asking why men are so terrified of breeding, he examines every worry a parent is likely to face: How can I make them sleep? How do I choose a good school? Will I ever have sex again? Why should I paint my face like a tiger? Wise and candid, this is the most truthful parenting guide of all time. It's also the funniest and most inspiring read any dad - or mum - could ever hope to read.

Published Penguin Original, 25th June 2009, priced 6.99

The Lost Book of Salem effortlessly crosses the boundaries of time to weave together the story of two women, Deliverance Dane - an accused Salem witch in the 17th century - and Connie Goodwin in the present day. Each woman must race against time to preserve someone they love from a bitter end.

THE PENGUIN BOOK OF GASLIGHT CRIME Ed. and introduced by Michael Sims
Published by Penguin Classics, 25th June 2009, at 9.99

The first collection of Gaslight crime fiction written from the criminals' point of view

In this new collection, Michael Sims brings together the best short stories about the con artists and burglars of the gaslight era. The Penguin Book of Gaslight Crime features crime stories from some surprising sources:  H.G. Wells and Arnold Bennett, the American Nobel Prize winner Sinclair Lewis and William Hope Hodgson, renowned for his supernatural fiction.

Legendary con-artists and crooks appear: Get Rich Quick Wallingford and the Infallible Godahl are placed next to Colonel Clay and Romney Pringle, not only conning and scheming against London, Paris and New York but laughing all the way to the bank.
Published in Penguin paperback on 2nd July 2009, priced 7.99

Living glamorously needn't cost the earth...The Thrift Book is an incredibly timely, fantastically fun guide to economising your life, where India provides readers with a blueprint for living beautifully while saving money and easing your conscience.

India Knight will show you:
" How to make wonderful dinners with very little money
" How to dress on a budget and still look fabulous
" How to make friends - and start sharing - with your neighbours
" How to holiday imaginatively - with barely a carbon footprint

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