‘The Secret Speech’

This is the latest novel by Tom Rob Smith. According to USA Today:

“The Secret Speech goes even further than last year's acclaimed Child 44 in capturing the mood of the Cold War-era Soviet Union.”

The USA Today reviewer also notes: “In The Secret Speech, Smith writes with finesse and authority about the post-Stalinist era, the undeterred passion of people crushed by the Soviet juggernaut and the survival of family loyalties at any cost.”

PW states: “Shifting from Moscow to Siberia and to a Hungary convulsed by revolution, this fast-paced novel is packed with too many incidents for Smith to dwell on any in great depth. Though its drama often lacks emotional resonance, this story paints a memorable portrait of post-Stalinist Russia at its dawn.”

Published by Grand Central, the book finishes at 416 pages. Read the review here.


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