Sarah Palin’s book deal

The AP notes that former running VP candidate Sarah Palin has a book deal in the works. The article notes that the book will become available in spring of 2010.

Although the book has yet to be titled, the AP notes that the book: “will cover her personal and political life, from her childhood in Alaska and last year's campaign to her political beliefs and her family life, including the pregnancy of her teenage daughter, Bristol Palin, who gave birth in December to a baby boy, Tripp.”

Palin refers to herself as “a voracious reader” though voters might recall back when asked in a CBS interview with Katie Couric what sorts of magazines and newspapers she read to get her news, Palin responded with, “Oh all of them.”

Fans believe she is a woman of her word. “Palin has never written a book and her critics, noting her disjointed CBS interviews with Katie Couric, have questioned whether she could,” the article also notes.

Readers should visit the full AP article here.

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