‘The Little Book’

That is the title of the novel by Selden Edwards. USA Today describes the book as:

“It imagines Wheeler Burden, a 47-year-old classically educated American rock star who's suddenly transported by mysterious means from the San Francisco of 1988 to the Vienna of 1897.

There he meets his grandparents, who are much younger than him and not yet married. And he meets his father, who died a hero in World War II, and who also has traveled backward in time.”

The article notes that the author is a retired English teacher, and Pulitzer winning novelist Richard Ford has said:

“Selden Edwards’s impressive debut novel is richly inventive, woven tightly with incident, and fully engaging. It is also superbly humane and readable.”

Likewise, Pat Conroy has stated: “Selden Edwards’s The Little Book is a wonderful novel and I think it has a chance to become a famous one. I’ve never read a novel like it. And I felt like my life was changing forever as I savored its many delights and mysteries.”

Read the USA Today article here. Dutton is the publisher.


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