Book Review: No Place To Die

Forty-three year old Beverly Thompsonís life was violently torn apart when she came home to discover an armed man waiting for her in the garage. After shooting her husband in the chest at point blank range, the intruder then kills Beverlyís dog before rendering her unconscious. She awakes into a living nightmare yet refuses to simply give up despite her limited options.

Phoenix homicide detective Sean Richardson accompanied by his very capable partner, Maggie McClinton know the perpetrator will kill Beverly if he hasnít already if they donít crack the case soon. With no obvious pattern or links between the murders, Sean knows itís only a matter of time before the killer strikes again while Beverlyís life hangs in the balance.

This taut police procedural features fully developed characters complete with well-defined personalities and histories that draw readers into the multilayered storyline. The rapid paced tale told from Richardsonís perspective will hold your attention to the last page and leave readers hoping for more.


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