Book Review: Angel's Advocate

Lawyer to the truly damned, Bree Beaufort gave in to her Aunt Cissyís request to talk with seventeen-year-old Lindsey Chandler, an obviously troubled teenager caught robbing a cute girl scout on tape. While the media makes the most of this golden opportunity, Bree struggles to understand what motivates Lindsey, convince the family they would be better served with a lawyer versed in handling juvenile law and finds herself representing the recently deceased father, Probert Chandler. He is appealing his sentence to the Ninth Circle of Hell but given the nature of crimes it takes to incur that punishment, Bree isnít sure there is much she can do about it. Worse, there are empty graves in the cemetery across the street from her specialized office and that means some serious evil is loose. The more Bree digs into the Chandler family background, the more she is convinced there is some thread connecting Lindseyís behavior and Probertís business practices. The trick is going to be staying alive long enough to figure out what it is.

Stantonís second of the Beaufort & Company Mysteries is an entertaining light romp through the paranormal. A number of subplots add interest and satisfying depth so the loose ends may be forgiven. The light touch is reminiscent of the Hamish Macbeth series and will leave fans eager to see how Bree along with her assorted two and four legged friends cope with their next case.

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