Book Review: The Killer's Wife

Floyd’s debut thriller takes a novel approach to the serial killer theme by telling the tale from the wife’s perspective. Looking back, Leigh Wren realizes there had been signs her ex-husband was not what he seemed but with a new baby, it was easier to live in denial. During Randall’s trial, Leigh was cleared of having had any part in the atrocities he committed, a finding that didn’t sit well with some family members of the slain. By legally changing her name and relocating from California to Gary, Indiana, Leigh and Hayden her son, lived quietly for six years. That quiet was shattered one night when she was confronted by Charles Pritchett, father of one of the victims who will stop at nothing to strip Leigh from her carefully constructed life and reveal her as a monster. Unbeknownst to them both, a new serial killer is on the loose and his MO is suspiciously similar to Randall’s. Trust has become a scarce commodity in Leigh’s life yet her survival and that of her son may boil down to a rare act of trust and self-sacrifice before the past is put to rest and her name is cleared.

A gripping good story that captures your attention right from the start while exploring the sinister world of serial killers and the impact their acts have on the lives of all they touch. The multifaceted characters, well plotted storyline and subplots come together in a satisfying conclusion with hope for the future. With a debut like this, it should be interesting to see how this writer develops. 

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