Book Review: Fear

Federal witness Miles Kendrick has been in some tight places, one in particular resulted in a shootout where he had to dispatch Andy, his best friend. As a result, Miles is now constantly hounded by Andyís specter, part of the serious posttraumatic stress syndrome he now suffers. Relocated with a new identity, a satisfying if unchallenging job and regular appointments with Allison his psychiatrist, Miles is just trying to get by one day at a time. A mysterious note passed to him in a medicine bottle immediately followed by Allisonís explosive demise launches Miles into the discovery of a secret, illegal drug research program which has the potential to alleviate the symptoms of PTS sufferers. It is a discovery that once placed on the fast track of FDA approval, stands to make the developing drug company millions of dollars. Someone knows Miles has stumbled upon the project and will stop at nothing to silence him even has he begins unraveling the trail of conspiracy, money and deception that will force strange bedfellows while exposing the real meaning of fear.

In the wake of bestselling Panic, Abbott has produced another gripping, fast-paced thriller with plenty of plot twists, strong characters and a thoroughly satisfying climax that will keep even the most jaded reader guessing to the very end. The storyline is fresh, original and convincing given the stiff competition for the lucrative prescription drug market, while the element of mob connections and the witness protection program add extra dimension, thrillers donít get much better. 


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