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Book Review: A Guy's Guide to Style

By Sandy Amazeen Apr 24, 2012, 6:35 GMT

Book Review: A Guy's Guide to Style

The Men\'s Dress Guide illustrates the basic, generally appropriate and long-term fundamentals of a good fashion style for every man, and gives practical tips for all situations from business meetings and festive occasions to recreational activities. Outfit examples assist with the right combinations of clothing. The Men\'s Dress Guide thus will actually be a style advisor and should be in every men\'s pocket. ...more

If your idea of style is a comfortable old pair of jeans, a ratty tee shirt and dirty sneakers then chances are, you need a copy of this handy guide for those times when such casual attire is out of the question. Take neckties for instance, Roetzel instructs what different necktie colors tell others about you, the proper way of tying different knots and what style is most appropriate for any situation. Whether you’re trying to figure out the proper footwear, which shirt to wear for an interview or the right pair of swim trunks to take on a cruise, this deceptively small guide packs a wealth of helpful information. Learn which body type you have and how best to accentuate your physical assets, the effect of color, how to buy efficiently and care for everything in your wardrobe plus a host of other interesting, helpful information that will give you a new appreciation for everyday items.

Concise, informative and well presented with plenty of color photographs, this guide will be appreciated by new college graduates, young rising executives as well as style and garment design students. The straightforward descriptions and dress code guidelines are clear, understandable and applicable to every occasion a gentleman is likely to encounter

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