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Book Review: Sacred Sites

By Sandy Amazeen Oct 25, 2010, 1:02 GMT

Book Review: Sacred Sites

A history that is equal parts science and mythology, Sacred Sites offers a rare and poetic vision of a world composed of dynamic natural forces and mythic characters. The result is a singular and memorable account of the evolution of the Southern California landscape, reflecting the riches of both Native knowledge and Western scientific thought. Beginning with Western science, poet Susan Suntree carries readers from the Big Bang to the present as ...more

Lavishly illustrated with black and white photography reminiscent of Ansel Adams, author Susan Suntree presents a lyrical, wise celebration of Southern Californiaís long history starting four billion years ago when the continents rose from the sea floor. With particular emphasis on the myths, songs and legends of the assorted indigenous peoples who occupied the region plus a credible amount of accurate science, Suntree plumbs the natural world and The Peopleís place within it. Told with warmth and rare appreciation, this will delight Natives and non-natives alike while instilling a sense of wonder at the hidden corners of the world around them.


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