Book Review: Choosing To Be

As anyone owned by a cat can attest to, felines are masters at the art of relaxation and living in the moment. After struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and contemplating suicide, Tansey began the steep road to recovery with the able assistance of her enlightened Maine Coon cat, Poohbear. Expanding upon Eckhart Tolle’s observation: “I have lived with several Zen masters-all of them cats”, Tansey casts Poohbear as a Buddhist Master. With the assistance of Catzenbear, a Maine Coon kitten, Poorbear’s gentle instruction and encouragement provided Tansey the means of discovering the Buddhist mind and self-acceptance.

This charming tale of recovery may seem a bit strange with its ongoing dialog with a cat but pet owners will understand the way Tansey has presented her guide to Buddhist meditation. Relearning the simple joys of mindful walking, sitting in peace and working through the five hindrances, the author overcame her debilitating depression. She uses her dialogs with Poorbear as a warm, approachable means of showing readers how to reduce stress in their daily lives. A light, sweet reminder of what is important in life and the joys of being owned by our pets.

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