Book Review: Eating for Energy

As a former professional soccer player, registered holistic nutritionist and a coach for the University of Toronto menís soccer program, Elkaim offers his insights into gaining more out of life through proper diet and exercise. If this sounds familiar, it should as most adults have repeatedly been told the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Relying on a principle called the Occamís razor, which simply states that from a batch of competing theories the simplest is likely to be true, Elkaim presents the argument for eating only whole foods.

Elkaim argues against todayís commercial farming practices and eating processed food, meat or dairy products which he contends is responsible for creating an acid imbalance in the body. This overabundance of acid is blamed for obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease and other life threatening conditions. Eating only ďliveĒ, organically grown food is seen as the key to returning proper blood chemistry while restoring the bodyís natural state.

Divided into two main chapters, the first looks at understanding a nutritional lifestyle while the second examines how to actually live it. As anyone who has frequented the grocery aisle knows, eating only fresh, organically grown food requires significantly more money thus making this regime difficult for many. It is a sad commentary on our culture that nutritionally stripped food products are cheaper and more accessible then food presented in its natural state. For many busy households trying to mesh packed schedules, getting a properly prepared meal on the table simply isnít feasible. Still, it is possible to start incorporating a few healthy changes by keeping fresh fruit available instead of packaged cookies, using whole grain cereals and packing salads or smoothies to work. For those looking for further motivation, Elkaim includes several tasty recipes along with a twelve-week program and plenty of on-line support to assist those ready to begin a new lifestyle.

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