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Book Review: Weaving Without a Loom

By Sandy Amazeen Oct 10, 2008, 6:17 GMT

Book Review: Weaving Without a Loom

While weaving is traditionally done on a loom, remarkable results can be achieved without the costly and cumbersome apparatus. In Weaving Without a Loom, both basic and advanced techniques are demonstrated using pencils, wire frames, and even tree branches to create beautiful woven textiles. Color photographs show how to weave unconventional materials such as reeds, paper, wood, burlap, plastic, and metal. Turn a beach chair upside-down as a clever variation ...more

Artist and art educator Dr. Rainey updates her classic 1966 guide to off-loom weaving in this new release that includes plenty of new materials to stimulate the imagination of would-be weavers young and old. At its simplest, weaving is just a matter of interlacing materials although most people immediately think of the industrial style looms that create denim jean fabric. The author quickly dispels the notion that weaving needs complex equipment by diving into the diverse ways of using paper, rug canvas, burlap, fiber or wire mesh, pencils, straws and more can be used to create stunning works of art. 

Close-up photography coupled with clear instructions and plenty of examples demonstrate how easy it is for everyone from kindergarten to seniors to unleash their creativity using ordinary materials in extraordinary ways. Beautiful examples of baskets, belts, purses, wall hangings and jewelry show the many possibilities of off loom weaving techniques that will have you searching for picture frames, straws and window screens.


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