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Book Review: 500 Pendants & Lockets

By Sandy Amazeen Jul 16, 2008, 1:42 GMT

Book Review: 500 Pendants & Lockets

One look at these breathtaking suspended neck ornaments, and it’s clear why Lark’s series of jewelry design books has become so wildly popular. Every pendant is a masterful work of art, whether it’s symbolic and purposeful (amulets, talismans, and charms) or purely decorative.  Juried by Mike Holmes and Elizabeth Shypertt, co-founders of the esteemed jewelry gallery Velvet da Vinci, this beautiful color collection includes pieces crafted from diverse materials and ...more

From prehistory humans have used pendants as a form of personal expression, a practice that not only continues but flourishes as evidenced by this collection juried by the cofounders of San Francisco’s renowned Velvet da Vinci jewelry gallery. Exquisite color photography reveals a stunning array of techniques and designs that cover the spectrum from simple to elegant and everything in between.

Many of the pieces, like Elizabeth Ryan’s multilayered “Thoughts” or the “Pendant for Blossfeldt” by Jennaca Leigh Davies, push the boundaries of what makes a pendant as they are simply too large, heavy or awkward to be worn for any length of time. Despite this obvious drawback, these pieces are fascinating as they show what is possible in pendant design and execution.

In addition to typical materials like silver, gold, gemstones and pearls, there are several designs that make use of more atypical supplies such as fur, plastic, tea, putty, coffee beans and horse hair to name but a few. This collection should stimulate the imagination of would be jewelers while providing insight into how a few of the artists approach the design process. 

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