Book Review: Speed, Guts, & Glory

Since the end of World War II, NASCAR racing arose from souped-up back yard jalopies on backcountry roads to the high-tech, custom built machines on specially constructed tracks we see today. Garner follows the meteoric rise of this popular pastime by highlighting 100 of the most unforgettable moments in NASCAR history. From the first photo finish at the Daytona 500 to death defying crashes including Rusty Wallaceís unforgettable multiple flip, from rookie Shorty Rollins to household names like Dale Earnhardt, itís all here. If that isnít enough there is an action packed DVD narrated by Jeff Gordon with race footage of the 2003 Busch/Craven duel, the biggest pile-up of all time and a whole lot more.

Smoothly written with plenty of background material, personal observations and a plethora of photos, this is sure to be on every race fanís Christmas wish list. The only thing missing is the smell of spent fuel, hot tires and that distinctive throb that comes with racing at its finest.

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