Book Review: Diamond Baratta Design by William Diamond and Anthony Baratta

Interior designers William Diamond and Anthony Baratta have worked together for 25 years on an amazing range of projects making it difficult for them to select their 24 favorite efforts. Bright, bold and occasionally controversial this team draws heavily on custom work to obtain the exact color, theme or pattern they want. Fearless color usage interwoven with their clients’ interests and personalities is key to their work. Although most of the interiors showcased here are impractical or outside the price range of the average homeowner, there is a wealth of inspiration to be found.

Each project is introduced by with history about the residence, the client and the inspirational sources that led to the ultimate result. Handmade needlepoint rugs are a signature item and the background information on them is particularly interesting. Stunning photography with in-depth captions allow the reader to see how each room was developed. Minimalists need to look elsewhere as these interiors fairly burst with layers of color, pattern and shapes that convey an overall sense of joy.

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