Book Review: Artists Guide to Drawing Realistic Animals by Doug Lindstrand

Anyone who has ever despaired of drawing animals and said they cannot do it should try this book. One of the most comprehensive books of its kind, it offers illustrated step by step instruction for drawing all kinds of domestic and wild animals & birds including eagles, cats, tigers, deer, sheep, rabbits, polar bears and owls. 

What is particularly useful about this book is the way in which it shows you exactly how to do patterned fur, draw realistic stripes on a tiger as well as getting mouths and expressions right. Time is spent showing how to achieve a variety of positions, not just standing upright. Best of all is the help given in showing how to draw a three-quarters view of a horse as it looks bookwards towards the viewer.

An extremely intelligent and practical book. There are over 250 illustrations, mostly in colour. A perfect present for any would be artist.

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