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Book Review: Sherry & Narcotics

By Sandy Amazeen Apr 21, 2011, 6:23 GMT

Book Review: Sherry & Narcotics

L\'enfant terrible Nina-Marie Gardner wrote a devastating novel on the truth of love, booze, addiction, ecstasy, isolation in Manchester. Now you can read it. ...more

This superbly written, gritty story centers around online editor Mary and the gradual train wreak she makes of her life through drug addiction and poor relationship choices while living and working in England. Sparse, taut prose makes Mary’s situation spring to life with frightening clarity as she alternately makes the reader want to give her a hug or bitch-slap her for the disaster she is creating of her life. The only off note is the choppy, unfamiliar formatting which takes some getting used to as Mary’s life begins capturing your attention and holding it to the ambiguous conclusion that encapsulates some of the painful aspects of being human.

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