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Book Review: Happiness

By Sandy Amazeen Jun 9, 2010, 6:02 GMT

Book Review: Happiness

"A new erotic classic.? -Scarlet Magazine "Exquisitely French . . . throbbingly intense.?-Evening Standard He\'s thirty-nine, a writer, dried up and waiting for better days. She\'s ten years younger, an arts graduate, not doing anything much. Both married, both bored. Lust at first sight. And so they have sex with each other just about everywhere in just about every way, and their desire increases. They explore every facility available to ...more

A thirty-nine year old author suffering writer’s block and a twenty-nine year old college graduate meet one night while having drinks at a local watering hole. Despite both being married, they met regularly for increasingly more adventurous sex including participating in orgies, sadism, drugs and more.

It was never about love, which is just as well when the relationship, such as it was, concludes in a dirty bathroom stall.

Written from the perspective of both partners, this often clinically cold diary of sexual exploration may leave readers wondering what the message of the book is about as neither character are engaged enough to even disclose their names.

Still, that is the point of this strange exploration of sex and perversion, haunting in its stark nakedness.

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