Book Review: A Questionable Life

Philadelphia born and raised banking executive Jack Oliver knew exactly what he most wanted out of life, nothing less then president of Philadelphia Trust & Guaranty. Jack worked tirelessly toward that goal to the exclusion of all else including family. His carefully constructed future came crashing down with PT&Gís buyout by Merchants Bank. No longer second in command, Jack finds himself back at square one with little prospect within the new organization. Stress related illness lands Jack in the hospital where no one in his family has bothered to come visit, they simply donít care.

Help comes from a friend who puts him in touch with Benjamin Price, president of Roanoke, Virginiaís small town Citizens Bank. Despite numerous misgivings, Jack accepts Bennyís job offer and begins a slow journey of discovery where he might have a chance at reconnecting with what is most important in life.

This charming if predictable tale of redemption seeks to show that it is never too late to make a change for the better. The smooth pacing, fine character development and questions of ethics and living a moral life combine in a very timely read. 

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