Book Review: The Castaways

In celebration of their upcoming anniversary, Greg and Tess MacAvoy drown while sailing to Marthaís Vineyard leaving more questions then answers. Set along Nantucketís sandy beaches, three couples who refer to themselves as the Castaways come to terms with secrets of the heart after the mysterious deaths. The Drakes, Wheelers, and Kapenashes shared an enviable friendship yet struggle to come to terms with their private guiltís and secrets after the MacAvoysí drowning.

Pill-popping Phoebe, married to well to do Addison Wheeler is guilt ridden by what she feels, is her part in Tessís death while Andrea blames herself for not living up to an old promise. Rumors abound about Gregís fling with a high school student, yet no one is sure what really happened. The couplesí lives twine together in surprising complexity as the main characters attempt to cope with the aftermath wrought Grey and Tessís death while dealing with important day-to-day issues like who will take care of the MacAvoy twins.

Told from the perspectives of the six remaining Castaways, this engrossing story features plenty of emotion as the well-crafted characters wrestle with their consciences, desires, love and loss. As in life, the characters donít always react in a way the reader would like to the point of occasionally wanting to give them a good shaking which speaks well of Hilderbrandís writing. While tempting to call this chick lit, the excellence of character building and the storyline turn it into a solid read, especially to those familiar with Nantucket. 

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