Book Review: Wit's End

Shortly after her fatherís death, Rima Lannisell moved from Ohio to Santa Cruz, California at her godmotherís invitation. A charming three-story home, Addison Earlyís residence is filled with miniature dioramas that set the opening scenes of her popular mystery series. With the theft of a tiny character from one of the dioramas, Rima begins an investigation that will lead into her fatherís murky past including a white supremacist cult. Meanwhile, Addison appears to be suffering a major case of writerís block that have her fans wondering if her creative well has run dry.

The line between fact and fiction blur as Rima sorts through boxes of old correspondence generated by Addisonís books and realizes the character named after her father may not be purely fictional. Fowlerís characters including her whiny main protagonist Rima and a pair of dachshunds are finely nuanced, drawn with an eye for detail and dry humor. The satisfying storyline makes up for the slow pace while the conclusion neatly ties a number of subplots together.

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