Book Review: Piercing the Veil

Anneís father dreamt of the day she passed her exams and followed him into law practice, defending the innocent and doing what they could to right some of the many wrongs in the world. Nothing, not even death was going to deter Jim Marshall from realizing that dream and just to be sure, he charged Anne with finding the means to keep Tim Sherman from cheating his wife out of millions of dollars hidden in an offshore account.

When Anne first began smelling her fatherís tobacco and hearing his voice, she understandably thought she was going crazy, yet she had to agree that there was something sleazy about Tim. With assistance from her law study group, Anne begins looking into Timís background just as his suspected mistress Stephanie was due to testify in his nasty divorce proceedings. Things became deadly serious when Stephanie was brutally murdered and Anne attacked. Anne will need all the help she can get, divine or otherwise, if she is to nail Tim and stay alive in the process.

This light and breezy suspense story with a paranormal touch is suited to a broad age group from preteen to adult. After a few slow points at the beginning the pace smoothes out for the remainder of the book which ends with a satisfying climax.

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