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Book Review: Chloe Anne: Force of Nature

By Sandy Amazeen May 18, 2008, 6:19 GMT

Book Review: Chloe Anne: Force of Nature

\'Some people might consider Chloe Anne a long-haired domestic cat,\' writes Valerie Oblath of her beloved pet. But Chloe has no doubt of her true lineage: First Estate, through and through. Contemporary, curvy but oh so vulnerable, Chloe Anne is a feline of exceptional taste and refinement: gourmand, pop culture aficionado, femme fatale, loyal and loving companion.It\'s true she comes from humble beginnings. And overcoming a most unfortunate incarceration in ...more

Curvaceous, adventurous and endearing, Chloe Anne is a longhaired, green-eyed feline with a delightful perspective on life. From her life-changing incarceration at the Humane Society where Chloe Anne meets Valerie, better known as mom, to a face-to-face confrontation with a duck, this charming cat draws readers into her daily routine. Learn the many forms of snacking, sleeping and the all important catnaps while laughing aloud at Chloe Anne’s investigation of the fireplace, the terror of washing machines and the introduction of a new family member. Although this was not written as a children’s book, Chloe Anne would be an entertaining story to share with young readers just discovering the joy of books. The price tag is a bit high for 148 pages but animal lovers will likely want to add this to their library for frequent rereads. 

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