Book Review: Fifteen Minutes of Shame

Relationship guru Lisa Daily follows the old rule “write what you know” in her debut novel featuring romance expert Darby Vaughn. Happily married three years to her publicist husband Will, Darby’s career was taking off with rising book sales, public speaking engagements and a television spot on the Today show. Her tidy world collapses in the public eye when Will admits to an affair and files for divorce complete with what promises to be a messy custody trial. Suddenly Darby finds her career and reputation in tatters as the press and former fans proceed to take Machiavellian delight in her humiliation. After recovering from the shock and with the steadfast support of some dear girlfriends, Darby ventures into the world of spin dating while contemplating her next move. Her husband wants to reconcile but if she does it will break her biggest rule, never take a cheater back, too bad Darby can’t make her heart agree. In preparation for the custody trial, Darby hires top divorce Holt Gregory and begins a journey of self-discovery that holds the key to a bright future.

Daily’s first effort has created an engaging heroine in this bright chic-lit that runs a bit deeper then most while maintaining a steady pace. It is nice to see Darby’s emergence from understandable depression and growth into a stronger, more self-aware character capable of taking a chance on love again.

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