Book Review: Return to Me

In 1314 as Darius MacLeod lay dying upon the battlefield dreaming of his wife Rose and their unborn child, he was approached by a stranger who offered a most unusual gift. When he awoke, it was to a new life as a vampire along with the discovery that Remont, the man from the battlefield and his brother Demetri were vampires as well. Dariusís attempt to resume a normal life with Rose ended in disaster and a broken heart. Five hundred years later at a London party, Darius discovers the young beauty Gabrielle Fairmont, sold to a brute by her wastrel uncle. She appears to be the very image of Rose and more telling, Darius can feel the connection between them.

Gabrielle has no intention of marrying Lord Sutherland, not only is he much too old and overweight, rumor has it that he killed all his wives shortly after marriage. Thanks in part to her heritage as a witch, Gabrielle is able to clearly divine Sutherlandís intentions and they are ugly. In a bold attempt to escape her fate, Gabrielle must accept Dariusís help to get her out of London but can she guard her heart from the passion and memories that flare between them? The longer Darius spends with Gabrielle, the more he is convinced that she is indeed Rose returned to him but with Sutherlandís evil drawing closer, all his strength and resources may not be enough to keep her safe, keep her human.

A light, entertaining paranormal romance set in 1818 London and the Scottish highlands, this adds a touch of telepathy and reincarnation to the historical romance theme. Demetri and Remontís relationship adds a nice subplot to the otherwise fairly formula but nicely told tale of love lost and found again.

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