Hot momma author Jessica Denay's eight budget friendly new mama tips

It takes one to know one.

Hot momma blogger and author Jessica Denay, founder of the Hot Moms Club, has created a wealth of information in a series of books devoted to keeping women in touch with their inner goddess while managing the spittle, dribble and goo.

Denay's latest is the ultimate resource for moms of all ages trying to balance everything from playdate to date night, nightlife to nightlight.

Equal parts practical guide and humorous anecdotal prose, Jessica shares how to break loose that inner "Hot Mom" who's unfazed by MILPs (Moms I'd Like to Punch) to Making Your Minivan Rock.

Along with advice from celebrity moms, experts, and friends, the book has insights from Jessica's personal journey, the kind you won't find in traditional parenting books.

What is enormously helpful for newbie mommas are her "Baby on a Budget" tips: Did you know that baby wipes double as makeup remover and how a little baby powder gives greasy hair a fresh start?

Also, as a top celebrity party planner, Jessica shares her creative birthday and holiday ideas that will make your bashes stand out.

Eight hot momma budget friendly ways to save and be fabulous doing it:

1. For newborns, tear baby wipes in half vertically and save for big messes,
that's all you really need for most changes, and the box will last twice as

2. Instead of buying a new stroller use Itzy Ritzy covers, for around $100
you can make an old hand me down or used stroller look fresh and unique.

3. There is no reason to buy expensive baby clothes, with daily discount
sites like, and get designer items
at up to 70% off.

4. Be smart when you register, Cord Blood Registry just launched a baby
registry program so friends and family can chip in to bank your baby's cord
blood (fyi: siblings have an up to 75% chance of being a match so if you
didn't bank your first baby's cord blood it is even more important to bank
your second or third.)

5. When decorating your child's room, frame art and drawings from siblings
or cousins- this adds a personal and playful feel and is easy on your

6. Start a babysitting co-op with friends, find a currency, say
'sticks' -each couple gets 10 sticks, one stick represents one hour of
babysitting time. If your friend watches your son so you can go to yoga or to a movie with your hubby, she gets 2 sticks if you are gone two hours, if you run out
of sticks the only way to get more sticks is to babysit for someone's kids
in the group. This keeps it fair.

7. For busy moms, it is not always practical to get to the salon regularly,
treat yourself to a good haircut at a nice salon for style and shape, then
maintain at more affordable walk-in salons. When grey hair starts creeping
in, brush a little mascara to cover, this will stretch out your color a week
or so. Also if you are in between showers and your hair is feeling
greasy, put a little powder on your hands, then rub into your scalp to
absorb the grease.

8. Host a 'Clean Out Your Closet Party': Invite your most stylish friends.
Everyone exchanges clothes - it's a fun excuse to get together, and everyone
winds up with something 'new'. Then you can donate what's left to a woman's
shelter. This works for kids' clothes as also.


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