Bookj Review: The Crazy School

After the big San Francisco earthquake left Madeline Dare’s husband out of work she took a job teaching history at The Santangelo Academy located in Massachusetts picturesque Berkshire Mountains. The private “therapeutic boarding school” is a place to educate and “treat” seriously disturbed students under the care of Dr. David Santangelo who founded the school on his property. Dr. Santangelo runs the school with a tight rein, requiring every teacher undergo therapy sessions and students who transgress his rule are punished by a trip to “the farm” where they are expected to work for their keep while their parents pay royally for the privilege. Few people, including the majority of teachers who live on the property, realize the doctor is quite insane.

When Mooney LeChance, one of Madeline’s students confides that his girlfriend Fay Perry is pregnant, Madeline knows she should report the two but when the pair gets sent to “the farm”, decides to keep their confidences. It is a move that haunts her when the couple is found dead after drinking punch which she supposedly made. Now Madeline finds herself the prime suspect in this gripping “who-done-it” that blends two distinct storylines into a seamless, twisting tale that will keep readers guessing. Don’t miss this cracking good mystery that reveals the dark, sinister world of a madman’s creation.

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