Book Review: You’ve Been Warned

Up and coming photographer Kristin Burns has high hopes of breaking into the lucrative New York market but in the meantime, must work as a nanny caring for Michael and Penley Turnbull’s two kids. It’s not a bad job as they’re great kids, but Kristin’s rampant feelings for Michael lead her into an all consuming affair with him. Torn between guilt and the expectation that Michael will leave his wife for her, Kristin has reason to question her sanity as she begins having disturbing dreams. She keeps hearing an unidentified tune in her head, has a recurring nightmare involving four body bags coming out of an upscale hotel, plus seeing her dead father and an abusive doctor in unlikely places. Kristin comes to realize she must get professional help or go crazy.

Patterson teamed up with coauthor Roughan for this less then gripping suspense thriller that will leave fans wishing he had spent more time developing the storyline. The many unexplained occurrences remain just that, unexplained. Kristin’s character had promise but her narration falls short, failing to generate reader sympathy which is too bad because one has the impression Patterson could have done so much more with this. 

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