Book Review: Wild Fire

Special ops team member Connor Vega has returned to his beloved home in the Amazon jungle and while he reveles in being back, keenly feels the soul-deep call of his mate Isabeau Chandler. Years earlier Connor had to make the difficult choice between his duty to the team and Isabeau, a decision that resulted in her believing he betrayed her. Isabeau made it clear she wanted nothing more to do with Connor but with the disappearance of several local children and rumors of a drug running black witch utilizing shifters to move product, she has no option but to ask for his help.

The special ops team begins the difficult task of trying to rescue the captive children while taking on the powerful witch and her minions as Connor attempts to cope with his hopeless attraction to a woman who hates him. Isabeau is blissfully unaware of her leopard heritage, an ignorance that is about to be shattered. As the two fight each other and their growing attraction, neither Connor nor Isabeau could possibly be aware of yet another bitter betrayal.

Feehan’s lackluster fourth of the Leopard series continues the trend towards very dark portrayals of women being brutalized, this time with the offhanded description of rape and murder in front of an audience. The sexual tension present in so many of Feehan’s books is nearly absent as Isabeau appears to be a one dimensional charactor and much of the dialog between team members was too predictable, bordering on repetitive making this a less then stellar addition to the series.


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