Book Review: Who Will Care When You’re Not There?

Responsible pet owners frequently overlook the importance of planning for the care of their animal companions should something happen to them. Lining up pet sitting services while on vacation or recovering from surgery is quite different but no less important then setting up long term care. There are plenty of court cases that show how easy it is to challenge large pet bequests so it is more complicated then simply leaving everything to your parrot or poodle. That is where this book comes into its own as it simply spells out how to predict how much to set aside for your pet, select a proper caregiver, taxes and more. This easy to understand reference book gently guides pet owners through the process of setting up and providing the necessary funding to keep their animals well provided for should they become unable to do so.

The appendixes alone are worth the price of this book as they contain helpful state statues on pet trusts, wallet and house cards to alert rescue personnel about your animals, a comprehensive pet information sheet and more. Written by tax attorneys, this guide fills a huge void in responsible pet care by providing the tools to care for those who cannot take care of themselves in simple everyday language, not lawyer-speak. If you care about your pet(s) get a copy of this invaluable guide from or to purchase in quantity call the publisher at 877-537-4178.

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