Book Review: Welcome to Jeausland! by Chris Harper, Andrew Bradley and Erik Walker

Ever wonder where the “homo pleasure inducing demons” reside, how atheism is caught or how to beat the stuffing out of your Christian child? How do you know if your priest is putting something other than a communion wafer in your mouth? What is a catamite? Do you know if you are a catamite? How did demons manage to fill Pastor Fred’s pockets with Cockzilla Professional Penile Protraction Pills? Learn about Porn-Again Productions efforts to bring Christ’s message to an entirely new market and what you can do to help.

You’ll discover all this and so much more in this irreverent, outrageous look at the Christian right as told through God’s favorite church, the Landover Baptist Church. As with any good satirical humor, there are grains of truth buried deeply in this witty look at sin and salvation. Sharp, cutting and thoroughly enjoyable this may offend the closed minded. 

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