Book Review: Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone

Fitness guru Sansone presents an accessible, upbeat program geared toward women of all ages. It is no secret we need to get off the couch and exercise more, it’s also no secret that we can come up with a dozen excuses not to. By focusing on something as simple as walking in the comfort of your own living room, Sansone removes most of the reasons not to get moving and make a change for the better. No need to be intimidated by going to a fitness club, no reason to pay monthly gym fees and no worry about how you look in front of strangers.

This 6-week program is clearly laid out with daily walk logs that cover the distance, time and step goals which gently progress in difficulty. Additionally you are gently reminded to take a daily vitamin supplement, drink enough water, get plenty of sleep and look for the beauty present in everyday life. While targeting women, men would reap the same benefits from this easy, workable program although they are unlikely to read through the more chatty bits. Overall this program is suited for beginners more then folks who are already engaged in a regular exercise program. 

Much of the information is more anecdotal then analytical but is sound nevertheless. Emphasis is placed on getting daily exercise more then diet although common sense diet information is provided. The truth remains that no matter how many exercise and diet books are written, it still remains for the individual to decide to make important lifestyle changes and Sansone has provided an easy means to accomplish that.

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