Book Review: Ultra-Longevity

It is Dr. Liponis’s personal belief that the common ailments connected with the aging process are a direct result of a hyperactive immune system and the best way to live a long, healthy life is to get the immune system functioning at its peak. In the first part of the book, readers are encouraged to get a C-reactive protein (CRP) test to determine their immune systems activation levels along with taking a 21-question longevity quiz to help assess their risk of premature death. The workings of the immune system are simply explained, often likening it to the workings of homeland security. Ties between emotional well being and the immune systems effectiveness are examined, as are the effects of antibiotics. The remainder of the book explains the longevity program with a separate chapter given to each of the seven steps to a stronger immune system including breathe, eat, sleep, dance, love, soothe and enhance before wrapping up with an eight day healthy diet plan.

This book would be more credible if the author had provided references and medical studies to back up his assertion that the immune system is responsible for much of the aging process. It is well known that most people would benefit from more exercise, sleep, relaxation and better nutrition so don’t look for a great deal of new information here. The seven-step program with its new age leanings could reduce stress levels provided the reader is willing to make some changes to their schedule and general outlook. The Canyon Ranch recipes are the book’s strong point, they are flavorful, relatively easy to make and include pertinent nutritional information.

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