Book Review: Travels with Gannon & Wyatt: Botswana

Twins Gannon and Wyatt are excited to join their parents on a trip to the Kalahari Desert in Botswana and thanks to being home schooled, they must keep daily journals as part of their English assignment. Gannon and Wyatt’s different personalities emerge as the brothers recount their adventures with charging rhinos, nine-foot black mambas, wounded lions, poachers and more. Their “journals” complete with maps, black and white photos and interesting information about the flora and fauna lend a credible feel, not unlike the great adventurers of old. The dangers faced by the twins and their guides as they strive to save a lioness and her cubs proves the value of quick thinking and making do.

Part travelogue for the younger set, part educational, this adventure tale is loosely based on the real experiences of fifteen-year-old twin boys by the same names. While geared primarily toward boys, girls will enjoy this fast moving story as well. The genuine horrors rent by poachers and the danger they pose to wildlife and passers-by are shown in an age appropriate manner. From learning how to eat snake or staring down a lion, there is plenty to captivate young readers and hopefully, instill the desire to read throughout summer break.

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