Book Review: Traveling the Power Line: From the Mohave Desert to the Bay of Fundy

Most people rely on electricity for nearly every facet of daily life with little regard for what it took to generate and transport that power. Couch was no exception before she began a cross-country trek to examine the political, environmental and economic impact of different energy sources. Beginning with a wind farm in Wyoming, Couch then looked at a coal-fired plant, nuclear fission, gas fields, hydropower and assorted research projects including geothermal, biomass, solar and tidal power generation. While imparting a wealth of information about the different power sources, this is not a dry dissertation but rather more of a travelogue filled with observations about the people and places most impacted by the development. Seen from the perspective of a layperson/end user this lucid guide gently encourages readers to think about what goes into creating the electric grid.  Anyone considering purchasing a hybrid vehicle should read this and realize what goes into generating that electricity, it does not come without an environmental cost.

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