Book Review: Training for Life by Debbie Rocker

Ultra-endurance athlete and personal fitness trainer, Rocker presents a different take on the diet treadmill by incorporating the body/mind connection into a single, seamless unit. Rocker’s experience as a fitness trainer has allowed her to see how addressing diet and exercise alone is not enough to implement permanent weight loss. She believes it takes fundamental changes in the dieter’s mindset to achieve lasting lifestyle changes. Much like quitting smoking requires total commitment, so too does incorporating regular exercise with proper diet into the daily routine.

A detailed, step-by-step 14-day diet and exercise program is laid out with plenty of helpful tips and positive reinforcement to get one started on the right foot beginning with a 12-hour vegetable juice fast. Not surprisingly, Rocker stresses the importance of fresh, whole foods while avoiding processed grains, sugars, fat-free foods and alcohol. Exercises and stretches are well illustrated assisting the novice in using correct form. Daily set and rep counts are provided with affirmations for the mind and easy to follow diet instructions.

While there is nothing new in this latest fitness book, it is one of the better ones currently available as it does not rely on gimmicks or promise spectacular results with no effort. The diet and exercise information is sound. Rocker doesn’t sugarcoat the reality that it takes commitment and a change in mental outlook to make lasting, significant changes in ones daily routine. If you are ready to accept there is no magic pill or instant weight loss trick and take charge of your life, this is a good place to start.

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