Book Review: Too Far Gone

The sixth book of Melton’s popular Navy SEAL series has created a mother’s worst nightmare. Ellie Stuart, a divorced mom juggled a taxing schedule working, taking collage courses and raising her three young boys in whom their father had no interest. She is grateful to her landlord Sean Harlan, a Navy SEAL for providing affordable housing and giving the boys a good role model. Now, if only she can keep her heart and libido under control because if there is anything Ellie doesn’t need, it’s another doomed relationship.

Watching Ellie trying to build a better life for her sons has given Sean a deep appreciation and respect for her abilities. Clearly, this capable woman has more on the ball then her good looks and he needs to avoid the temptation. On her way to class one evening, Ellie was ambushed, the boys wrenched away before the assailants threw her from the car. Thus began an unimaginable nightmare as the police tore apart her home, then accusing her of killing the boys. Sean knew Ellie incapable of such a heinous act and vowed to return the boys, no matter what.

Ellie’s ex-husband Carl has become a member of the ultra secret Centurions, a powerful all male organization of powerbrokers that will stop at nothing to further their interests. Sean’s SEAL buddies, the FBI and a plucky reporter team up to locate the boys and the truth amidst a sea of manufactured evidence, attempted murders and deeply-rooted evil.

Melton has deftly intertwined a series of subplots into a suspenseful romance mystery that captivates and holds the reader’s interest to the last while celebrating the strength of love. The arch villain’s decision to take the easy way out is a bit anticlimactic but with an organization as diverse as the Centurions, it is likely they will figure in future installments of the series.


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