Book Review: Time to Weave: Simply Elegant Projects to Make in Almost No Time by Jane Patrick

Checking out these unusual woven projects could have you seeing corkboard, carpet runners, paper or string in an entirely new light. Not only are these designs quick and easy to make, the majority of them do not require a loom. Many are quite small and portable so time and space is no longer an excuse not to explore this versatile craft.

Former editor of Handwoven magazine, Patrick has put her talents to good use as she walks the beginner through some weaving basics before starting in on making a cork mat. Easily followed instructions along with some interesting design variations for each of the eighteen projects prompt the imagination to begin seeing everyday materials with a fresh eye. Plastic sheeting and ribbon take on new life as an airy window hanging while teaching the rudiments of the Fibonacci series. She demonstrates how to create lovely woven paper lamps with a faintly oriental feel to them. Embroidery floss and common white string are transformed when braided into striking necklaces and chokers. Seagoing knot tying traditions are carried on as clothesline rope is turned into Turk’s head mats, coasters and hair barrettes.

The pocket purse, amusing egg hat and pile patch pillows “true” woven projects that would be easier with a simple frame loom although a couple sets of stretcher bars or even a pizza box could be pressed into service instead. These projects will just take a bit more time that way but you would have the “smug” factor that comes with using what is at hand. All the projects push the reader to explore, to look at the materials around them in different ways while providing enough information to make their visions a reality.

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