Book Review: This One Is Mine

On the surface Violet Parry appears to have it all, a rich husband and lovely daughter, a fabulous house in Bel Air complete with vegetable garden and more. Yet for all the material measures of wealth, Violet is deeply depressed. Her husband David barely listens to what she has to say and frankly, as long as Violet facilitates his career, takes care of their daughter and minds the household, sees no reason for his wife’s moods. Unable to confide in David and struggling to feel something beyond despair, Violet begins an ill-fated affair with a troubled musician.

As the big four-O approaches, David’s sister Sally becomes increasingly envious and obsessed with gaining the kind of financial security Violet is privy to. She sets her sights on marrying rising sportswriter Jeremy White before he hits the big time thus assuring herself a life of leisure without being labeled a gold-digger. 

The consequences of Violet’s and Sally’s choices threaten to tear apart their lives as neither gets what they planned for in this droll take on mid-life crisis. David’s character begins as a remote fixture of Violet’s life, developing into a warmer, more personable figure as the story unfolds. Careful manipulation of those around her, characterize Sally’s self-centered existence which naturally, is doomed to collapse around her. As the real reasons for Violet’s frustrations become clearer, she comes to recognize her need to continue with her career and regain some degree of financial independence. Semple has orchestrated an engaging tale of the LA lifestyle punctuated by money, greed and obsession where things can and frequently do, go quite wrong.   

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