Book Review: Things I’ve Learned From Women Who’ve Dumped Me

Co-creator and executive producer of The Colbert Report, Ben Karlin collected forty-six mini-essays from some of the funniest guys in show business that illustrate the differences in how men and women perceive relationships and the lessons learned from getting dumped. Contributors to this uneven anthology that swings from hilarious to maudlin, include Adam Schlesinger, Bob Kerrey and Dan Savage. Stephen Colbert’s severely “edited” “The Heart is a Choking Hazard” allows the imagination to run unbridled while Bob Odenkirk’s bitter take on remaining in a bad relationship for nine years falls short of the mark.

Most of the “lessons” are just a few pages long making this an ideal choice for short, quick reads without requiring much concentration. Given the talent of the contributors, it is surprising this was not a better, funnier collection.

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